The Great Court Restaurant, The British Museum

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In September 2012 Fulcrum were approached by Benugo requesting that they undertook the kitchen design and installation for the prestigious Great Court Resturant in the Bristish Museum, London.
Benugo, who run deli’s and catering sites at a number of historic sites and museums  across the UK, planned with the British Museum for the refurbishment to commence from September 2013. Benugo wanted to create a more welcoming eating environment for first time customers which offered fine dining  as well as being perfect for light lunches and informal snacks.
Softroom Architects completed the overall design development in early 2013 and then approached contractors to tender to their detailed design schedule.
The British Museum requested that the fit-out was completed out just prior to Christmas 2013. Fulcrum’s design included an open kitchen for the new Resturant as suggested by Softroom, to create a ‘theatre cookery’ environment. This would allow diners to see the Chef’s at work preparing meals. We also completed drawing designs of the Bar and wash-up areas seen below:
Great Court Restaurant Kitchen Plan
Great Court Restaurant Bar plan
During the refurbishment Fulcrum worked closely with construction main contractor Coniston, who run major design and build projects in London and across the South East. Coniston oversaw the strip out of the exisiting resturant and carried out the building work for the refurbishment.

The fitting was very challenging on a number of fronts. Firstly Fulcrum were required to co-ordinate the fitting of the kitchen equipment, counters and stone cladding to a frequently changing building programme. This meant that our fitters
needed to be very flexible in order to accommodate this. Secondly, as the British Museum was still open to visitors during this refurbishment, equipment deliveries needed to be carefully pahsed and needed to be manually up to the second floor of the Great Court between 7:30 and 9:00am. Dovetailing our installation with a multitude of other specialist trades, within a very ‘liquid’ programme was probably the most difficult projct to manage in the last 25 years! However, despite these challenges, Fulcrum completed the refurbishment to the clients specification within 3 weeks.
The Completed Great Court Restaurant
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