The Proud Archivist

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Fulcrum recently completed the kitchen fit out for The Proud Archivist, the multi-faceted Restaurant, Bar, Gallery and Event space in North East London.
Fulcrum was approached by Keith Tucker, owner of Barracuda Construction, acting on behalf of Hector Proud who acquired the site in August 2013. Hector asked Fulcrum to complete the fitting of a kitchen, wash up and adjoining walk in cold room at his new venture.
Hector Proud
Hector aimed for his Restaurant to echo the style of the grand coffee houses of London in the 17th and 18th Century and so wanted an appropriate kitchen space to make his dream a reality. An important element of this was to create a food
preparation area that was on show to the public. Therefore the design team at Fulcrum ensured that this was accounted for – as can be seen on the right side of the floor plan below, the food preparation area was designed to run along the bar counter so that Diners can view the Chef’s preparing their meals.
Floor plan for The Proud Archivist
The service countering at the bottom of the design completes and efficient flow from the island prep and cooksuite areas with head chef, Alan Stewart, controlling the pass.The overriding requirement for the kitchen to be a ‘cooking theatre’ was paramount but at the same time the kitchen needed to work as an operational space.  Hector Proud insisted that a full height bookcase was retained against one wall (left hand wall in above design) in order to maintain the feel of the site being a cultural centre.
Fabrication Drawing DJB
During the fit-out Fulcrum liaised closely with Barracuda Construction and Keith Tucker with regard to the dimensioning, set-out of stud walls and the running of mechanical and electrical services.
A big challenge during the installation came very close to the end of the fitting schedule when the late-appointed Head Chef requested a change of kitchen equipment away from conventional electric cooking over to induction equipment, something which was not part of the original brief. Induction cooking equipment uses state-of-the art technology where a copper coil is placed under the cooking pots and alternating electric currents flow through them producing a magnetic field. This causes an electric current to be created in the pot which heats the food.  The benefit of this method is that the heating only occurs when pans are on the hob giving efficient use of instant energy, whilst at the same time maintaining a very ‘green’ operation.  This late change in the specifications saw Fulcrum having to react very quickly to meet the clients needs without jeopardising the completion date.
Despite the challenges encountered, a kitchen area fitting the clients design brief and requirements of a busy restaurant and event centre was successfully achieved, as can be seen in the picture below.
The Kitchen at The Proud Archivist

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