Fulcrum Joins ‘ENSE’

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As of May 2013, Fulcrum has become a member of developing buying Consortium, ENSE, as it spreads in popularity across the UK. To explain what this means for us and our customers, we have outlined some of the finer details below:
Who are ‘ENSE’:
Originally brought over to the UK in 2012 by American, Bob Adams, ENSE (European Network of Suppliers & Equipment) is the UK’s first Buying Consortium for commercial catering equipment and supplies. Buying Consortiums are a popular concept in the US, but were virtually non-existent in the UK until Bob saw an opportunity to change the way distributors work for the better.
What do they do:
The Group currently consists of 32 Distributors and 23 Suppliers. Unlike traditional buying groups, where the dealer buys through the Consortium itself,  distributors deal directly with manufacturers. ENSE encourages distributors to commit to supporting selected ‘preferred’ manufacturers, giving them a more competitive edge which they can then pass on to their customers. The aim is that the group will eventually have two manufacturers per product category in order to ensure exclusivity and drive dealer loyalty. In the words of Robin McKnight – Sales Director: “Commitment yields results”.
What this means for Fulcrum:
As one of ENSE’s newest Distributors, Fulcrum benefit from a range of deals and discounts which potentially means lower prices for our customers on some popular brands, including Lincat, Metcalfe and Shelfspan.
For those of you who might be a little confused or concerned, David Burnett adds: “Fulcrum already has long-established accounts with a number of non-ENSE affiliated suppliers and it should be noted that our membership of the ENSE group will not affect this in any way whatsoever. As a distributor we are committed to striving for the best possible deal and equipment quality for our customers. ENSE suppliers just widen our horizons in order to achieve this end”
Please follow the link below to the ENSE Website, for more information:

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