Introducing Movilfrit – New Charcoal Ovens

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Introducing the New Range of Movilfrit Charcoal Ovens and Indoor Barbeques.
Perfect for creating authentically smoked meats and produce within the comfort of your kitchen – Ideal for those who are striving for Michelin Star Quality.
These Units come in a range of sizes and finishes depending on your needs, and are also supplied with a range of Accessories.
Each Unit boasts the following Special Features:
  • Runs on Charcoal, Firewood and Coconut Charcoal – a substance created from coconut shells, that burns hot, clean and omits a mild, sweet smoke for a unique flavour.
  • Glass Door created from NeoCeram – a unique material that’s able to withstand extreme temperatures and enables user to observe and control conditions within the oven, without having to open the door. This means that you won’t lose heat and your unit will remain energy efficient.
  • Fully insulated to boost Energy Efficiency and save changes to ambient temperature in the external working environment.
  • These are isolated Units that stand alone; They do not require any Electrical or Gas connection to operate. It is advised however, that the Unit is located underneath an Extract Canopy to ensure smoke is removes quickly and securely by means of the 15cm Smoke Outlet.
  • Internal Air Flow Regulator to control the internal temperature of your Oven.
  • Oil Collector to drain away excess fat – This feature eradicates the risk of causing a fire hazard.
  • Each Unit has an Ash Drawer at the bottom to make cleaning fast and fuss-free.
  • Each unit has an intergrated thermometer to enable the user to keep control over the internal temperature
Please click on the link below to view the Brochure:
If you have any queries regarding these Units, we would love to hear from you.
Please call us on for additional information, on: 01672 515990

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