FULCRUM RECEIVE DEALER AWARD – it makes financial sense to buy your dishwashers through a Distributor!

On September 27th, 2011, posted in: All by vovi

Following an incredibly busy year, our warewashing sales with ‘Maidaid’ have hit record levels. In recognition of this turnover we have been awarded ‘Dealer Of The Year 2010’ – a little on the late side but in the interim I think we have all been running around like the proverbial cranially-challenged poultry! Ian Cole, our ‘Maidaid’ area Representative and all-round dishwashing oracle, is pictured presenting the award in June.

Our dishwasher sales have, in no small amount, been due to the robust reliability, performance and ease-of-use of dishwashers and glasswashers in the extensive ‘Maidaid’ range. Backed up by our years of experience in warewashing Sales and site-surveys, many customers have been thankful for the advice we give, taking away a minefield of potential headaches. Using a Distributor such as Fulcrum is an essential part of selecting the right equipment and this is especially the case with dishwashers and glasswashers. If you are thinking of buying off the web, please, think again and remember that the small amount extra you will pay through us (and it really is not that much more!) is recouped by a seamless installation.

Sparkling clean washware, from a properly specified, installed and commissioned machine. Enjoy!

PS. Did you know you can purchase premium dish- and glass-wash chemical through Fulcrum at amazingly low prices?

Call us to see how much you can save – it ultimately all goes down the drain, so why pay more!

Receiving award

Dealer Of The Year 2010

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